I am made stronger! [Do you believe I can do this for you?]

I went up to Baguio this weekend without my family. Des, being almost 7 months pregnant, was advised not to go up. I thought it would be freezing cold as the reports mentioned, but it was disappointingly just-cool. I went up with good friends – and had insanely good conversation all the way up (and down). We passed this new, back-way up to Baguio which got us there in only 3 and a half hours! From the end of SCTEX to the mouth of Kennon, it was all fields and trees. What an amazing find.

The weekend itself was awesome! It was a weekend focused on couples. And it was something everyone needed. More than talking about what the community needs, we spoke of what marriages and families need. Tears were abundant, and relationships were made stronger.

As for me, I stayed in a different place (not where I usually stay). And did a lot of different things over the weekend. From Mass Collector to Communion Line Usher to Food Distributor. You have more energy when you are single in a couples conference. 🙂

Thanks to the speakers: Tito Jerome, Tito Jojo, Papa Bear and Dad! The sharers: my ka-HH Nash and Jen, and tito Gary and tita Arlene. And the worship leaders: my ka-HHs: Pat, k. Jay and Paul, and the surprising tito Jess! The service team did an awesome job. I had a fun time… even if I decimated my budget even before the conference started.

One thing I’d like to focus on is that God answers prayers – especially if you pray on it the whole year! Last year, we were asked to write requests / prayers to God. And this year, we opened these requests to see if they’d been answered. Here is my paper:

I blurred out the first one for confidentiality reasons… but that has slowly been answered as well 🙂 I don’t have twins, but Des is pregnant with our son. We have a new home. I am getting better at speaking on Pro-Life issues (especially after my week at the Theology of the Body Institute). And I hope I am a better witness with how I (and my family) am living my life – especially living within my means and according to the call I received.

God did that all for me. And that, among other things, has made me stronger!

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