Rain in my life

I don’t know if it rained when I was born.

But I have noticed that with major events in my life, it had rained. People say that rain means heaven is pouring out blessings. Or it is cleansing. Or maybe even rebirth and renewal. And it can be so for these instances in my life.

When I decided to be a full-time missionary, it was raining. Not a heavy downpour, but a drizzle. As if to tell me that the decision was not a major one, but one that forthcoming because God has a plan for me – at the time, though, it felt like a major decision. But looking back, it wasn’t a major decision… it was a right one.

When Des and I got married, it POURED during the reception. The ground turned to mud, shoes were ruined and a lot of the program had to be cut because people couldn’t go from one place to the other. That was the BEST day. We started our life together running through the rain.

I can’t remember if it was raining during the birth of our children. Because we always checked in earlier, and would check out after 4 or 5 days.

During the first anniversary celebration of CFC FFL there was a HUGE STORM. And people were stranded in many places. Full-timers were sleeping under tarps at the venue, not knowing what was going to happen. But people came – even the Papal Nuncio – and we all celebrated, like Jesus sleeping in the storm. Why should we worry?

At my first conference as the ministry head of CFC KFL there was also a storm. 3 days before the conference there were heavy rains and the lights were out. I was fanning my family to sleep in our ‘sala’, while being forced to decide if we were going to push through with the conference or not. The rain stopped on the Friday of the conference, and it was a packed venue with clear skies and heat all weekend.

And today, we start our Young Couples Unit. True to form, it is raining. I feel great because my car is finally going to get clean. But I feel awesome because I know that this is another affirmation of God’s goodness in my life – and in the life of others.

Rain brings it all, doesn’t it? Blessings. Cleansing. Rebirth. And renewal.

I am sure it was raining last June 12, 1975.

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