All Things Possible

There are good conferences, and there are awesome-knock-your-socks-off conferences. Yesterdays CFC FFL Community Conference was one of those that knocked your socks off. From the simple things like starting on time (ok that’s not a simple thing) and having a jam-packed venue by the start (that’s amazing), to having no hitches in the program implementation. And the heavier things like awesome talks by dad and tito Oca O. Great rousing worship leaders in tito Gary F. and Cocoi. Fun emcees in Joseph T. and Bianca G. And fun dancers and reminiscent songs (though with an audience of mostly 70s babies, don’t expect them to know X-ta-si, X-ta-no).

The conference didn’t only inspire me. It moved me.

When you’ve been in ministry for so long (years and years and years), you need to be shaken and bonked on the head sometimes. And that’s what happened yesterday. I was shaken and bonked and moved and turned upside down and over and under. And all for the better.

Exaggerated! You say. Just what I needed. I say.

My God is NOW my strength. And I understand that now. And I accept it. And I am living that out now. If I didn’t know it then, I sure know it now. Time to use His strength to do even more things. And you can’t stop us.

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  1. Hi Xavy! Is it possible that we can get a copy of the talks or excerpts of the conference? I also want to get inspired and share the talks here in Malawi. Thanks!GB

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