Zombie dreams

I think this zombie craze is getting to me (TV shows, computer games, etc). I had a dream last night about zombies. There was a group of 4 people (3 guys and a girl) who went around to different places destroying zombies.

This was during the aftermath of some zombie plague, where the humans are the minority. So this vigilante group of 4 went around and turned zombies into ashes – by slicing and dicing them.

They were very successful in doing this, and saved a lot of humans. And during their respite at a human encampment, they had a celebratory party. And they were toasting wine and eating cheese. And when the girl raised her glass to offer a toast, she looked back and a zombie’s mouth was right there about to bite her head off.

I had to wake myself up. So now I don’t know how the story ends.

And psycho-dream-interpreters out there?

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