Welcome 2011! What’s on my To Do list?

Bucket Lists became popular after the movie came out a few years ago. I don’t remember making one, but there are things that have been floating around in my head that can be part of a Bucket List. I don’t have as much things now as I did before – I have done a lot, and have grown up (a bit) – so now they are a bit more realistic (well, most of them).

People to meet

1. The Pope – I’ve been near Pope Benedict XVI, but I would love to meet him. And speak to him even for a few minutes. I don’t have a lot of questions, but given the chance, I’d just reaffirm my love for my faith and the Church.

2. Steve Jobs – Not because I use Apple products (I only have a MacBook now. My only Apple product!), but because he is such a creative thinker. And can move his whole corporation towards the vision he has for technology. That’s amazing. I think it would be harder to meet Jobs than the Pope.

Places to go (local)

1. Ilocos Sur – I went to Ilocos Norte by car, but didn’t get to pass Vigan. And I do regret it. I want to go through Vigan’s streets and feel the old times.

2. Abra – I just want to know what the big deal is with this province?! Why does it get so violent during elections, and all the time for that matter. Are the streets paved with gold?

3. Camiguin – I went on a week-long mission to Mindanao YEARS ago, but when we were scheduled to go to Camiguin, I was sidelined due to a very bad stomach. And so I have not been there yet.

Places to go (international)

1. Brazil – Just the thought of going to Brazil is exciting. It seems so far away, with so many people and such a rich culture. Maybe I’ll go for the World Cup or the Olympics.

2. Egypt – Seeing the pyramids. Riding a camel. Solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Visiting King Tut.

3. Israel – Doesn’t every Christian need to make a pilgrimage to Israel at least once in their lives?

4. India – Just like Brazil. Not as far away, but with so many people and such a rich culture… I’ll have a hard time with the food, so I’ll have to prepare for this waaaay in advance.

Things to do

1. Disneyland with kids – When the kids are older, and when they appreciate it more. So, we have to wait for baby boy to come out and grow up…. and any other kids that come after him 🙂

2. Bungee Jump – I went to Bohol and tried the swing off a cliff. But I think it is more terrifying when you have to jump off a high place, and plunge head first… Shivers just thinking about it.

3. Go on mission – Still a dream of mine. But now, a family of (almost) 5. Is it impossible? Nothing is impossible. 🙂

Businesses to put up

1. Cafe – I want my own simple coffee shop that serves Pinoy grown coffee. Just a hole in the wall place, with nice family feel and great coffee. And Des’ pastries.

2. Library .. or a bookstore – I love reading! I don’t get to read many books now, but I still love books. And books that you can hold and flip through. Maybe a bookstore and cafe?

3. School – Padilla University.

Events to attend

1. Olympics – Maybe when we have an awesome football team. Or win boxing. Or any other event we start to excel in. Most probably, it won’t be basketball.

2. Survivor – Yes, I do want to join the show. I know I will either be voted out first, or will win the whole thing.

3. My oath taking – As a congressman. A senator. President? Politics is in my blood! Senator Ambrosio Padilla. Senator Vicente Sotto. Senator Antonio delas Alas. Senator Xavier Padilla. Sounds good!

Gadgets (and others) to buy

1. LCD TV – Our condo needs space! So our big TV needs a thinner replacement (just like me).

2. House – And I do dream of having a house. With a yard. And a nice study room. A house that looks like the olden time houses on the outside, but modern in the inside.

That’s it for now. I think they are doable somehow. 🙂 Thank you 2010! A lot of my bucket list entries have been crossed out last year, and I am sure more will be crossed out this year.

Welcome 2011!

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