The Top Personal Stories of 2010

I had so much fun doing the last post, that I decided to do one for myself. I mean, my personal top stories. And here they are:

1. Going to the International Youth Forum with Des

It was a one in a million shot. We applied, got accepted. Then went to the embassy and were told it was impossible. We continued anyone and got our visas one hour before our flight. Our trip was paid for by the Vatican! And we represented the Philippines to all those Youth Ministers of the world. What an awesome and enriching experience. We even got to see Pope Benedict XVI twice! Afterwards, we got to go to different places around Europe including…

2. Taize

A beautiful place in France, with the Taize brothers including us in their communal life of prayer and song. I was apprehensive at first, but it was truly memorable. They took care of us well, and it was a Holy Week to remember – even if we had to leave on Easter Sunday itself.

3. Getting new work assignments

I had been assigned CFC Kids for Family and Life, but re-organization happens all the time. And being assigned more Pro-Life work made me strive to learn more, live it out more and speak up more. I am grateful for the trust in this new assignment (and the media work too!).

4. Des getting pregnant with our third baby

It is no secret we want a big family, but with Des’ being CS, we know we won’t have the chance to have THAT big a family. But this year we are blessed to get pregnant with our third child, and we recently found out it is a boy! Our children are 2 years apart, and even if it is tiring sometimes, we would not have it any other way. And even if people think we are crazy having this many children at this time and age, we end up thinking, why doesn’t everyone have this many children?! It’s awesome! Hopefully babies 4 and 5 will come as twins 🙂

5. Moving to Pasig

We left paradise (as mom would say). But it was time to do so. We had been talking about it for a while now, and with our tenant suddenly moving out, we had the reason and the drive to do so. It took us a few days, and we have been adjusting (to the expenses, mostly) but it is one of the smartest decisions we’ve made. I do miss ALPADI, but we can always visit and take advantage of the free food there. Come and visit!

6. Attending the Theology of the Body Conference…

With my parents and the Pingoys in Philadelphia. It was the week before the Ministry Conferences of the USA, so it was perfect timing. And so eye-opening! How could we not know of this beautiful teaching of Pope John Paul II? And so, I went back to attend….

7. … and the Theology of the Body Immersion Course with Christopher West

I spent one week in a Philadelphia forest house with Christopher West an about 40 other people. Two 3-hour courses a day for a week. My brain and heart were exploding (for different reasons – brain from information overload; heart from being so full) and my life has been changed. I can see the beauty of “us” as God has made us, and hopefully everyone will get the chance to see that beauty as well. It will solve so many of our problems and sadness.

8. Aida’s choking brouhaha

A few days before Aida’s first birthday, a hair clip got stuck in her throat. Mom fished it out, but there was blood enough to cause a visit to the pedia and a lot of screaming and panic attacks. I was at the office at the time, and heard only screaming on the other end of the line when Des called me. It was a miracle, and I do believe miracles happen everyday. Thank God for life.

9. Des being Mompreneur

Des has started making sweets and fudge and peppermint mini-choco strips. She has been cooking. ANd it surprises even me! I love it! She got together with friends to push an events company (French Vanilla Events) and even does work for weddings and other events like that with Ai Acosta. She is being a mompreneur and I love it!

10. And me finally battling the bulge

Ok I am overweight. And I have always said I will try to lose weight. But one day, I had a High Blood Pressure scare. It brought me to have myself checked, and it gave me a wake up call. Being 35, having 2-going-on-3-kids, I need to be healthy. So INSANITY, bring it on! I am on Day 10 and I am winning 🙂


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