Family has two meanings

One is the usual meaning of family. My wife. My kids. Here I am with my kids at a monkey and dog show.

I spend all my free time with them. We have fun, get angry, laugh uncontrollably. I get jumped on, showered with kisses, spanked… sometimes all within a span of a few minutes.

Here is my beautiful wife:

Getting married, living together, having 2-going-on-3 babies needs a strong foundation and an even stronger love. We have that for sure. And we are still learning as we go along the way, everyday.

But now, we also have a new facet to our family. And this is community. And these (some of them, anyway) couples make family even more real to us.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011. Filled with learning, frustration, love and wanting the best for one another. Just like a family. 🙂

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