Philippines wins Amazing Race Asia 4!

Congratulations to Richard and Richard for winning the Amazing Race Season 4! FINALLY, the Philippines won it. We almost won it in Seasons 2 and 3, with a 3rd and 2nd place finish, respectively (though we performed DISMALLY in Season 1). And now, the crown is ours! Hopefully, one day, they can get actual Pinoys (no half-Pinoys or grew-up-somewhere-else-Pinoys) to join the race… though we know they will have visa application issues if they go out of the ASEAN.

They deserved to win. They performed well throughout the race, and were entertaining too.

This puts another feather in our country’s cap. After Pacman crushed (literally) his opponent, and after the Azkals beat the sour graping Vietnemese (but why can’t one of the games be held in the Philippines? Read the reason why, here).

Congratulations to us!

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