English transcript of Frank Padilla’s talk at Vigil for Nascent Human Life

Emcee: Our next speaker will testify about Pope Benedict XVI’s teaching that the womb is the sanctuary of life. He is the Servant General of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life.

Frank Padilla:

Good evening everyone – brothers and sisters. Let us all Praise God!

We were all called by our beloved Pope on this day, not only here but in all Dioceses around the world, in order to pray. To pray for the culture of life. And most especially to pray for all babies in the womb. And we heard from Dr. Ligaya [Acosta] about what is happening around the world and in our country. That there are attacks on the marriage, life, and on family. And we are all praying and asking God, the most powerful God, to bless us and take care of and protect the Filipino family and most especially the babies in the womb.

Brothers and sisters, tonight is the night before Advent. Advent starts tomorrow. And Advent is a time of preparation for the coming and birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Savior. But, how did He come into the world? As a king? As most powerful, together with all the angels in heaven? No! He was born. After 9 months in the womb of Mary. God is showing us the importance of pregnancy. Of taking care of a baby that is a blessing to a family. A family in Nazareth.

God is showing us what His plan is, what is important for life in the world. But other people are saying that people don’t need to get pregnant. That they (children) are obstacles to living. Others even say that pregnancy is a sickness – and so we need reproductive health and contraceptives. This is what they say! What kind of thinking is that? That is not of God!

And you know brothers and sisters – those people who do not agree with the plan of God, end up thinking of so many devious things. Like they say that population is too much, and couples should only have 2 children. If that were the case, then I would not be here because I am the third child. My wife would not be here because she is the third child. My 5 children would not be here. And my 4 grandchildren would not be here. And that is not the plan of God. And not only that, when those devious plans start, the Devil will not stop. The plan will go from promoting having only 2 children – to having only 1 child like China and other parts of the world. And then no children – do not have children because they are obstacles to living. We should tell them if you don’t want big families, then leave us alone, don’t disturb us here. If you just want to take care of dogs and cats, and not babies – then that is for you and not for us. If you do not want to experience the happiness of a big family, then that is for you – do not force us to follow you and your bad plans.

Brothers and sisters, we can really see that our enemies are powerful. Like Dr. Ligaya said, billions are being spent there. Billions are being spent to promote condoms and abortion. What God is telling us, do not even think of that – what I am giving you is life, family, and children. And that is what brings real happiness. Money cannot buy that. And what I want from you is to give yourselves to each other. Not just for personal pleasure and selfishness. But to sacrifice in life – life that is given by God.

Brothers and sisters, those countries that promote reproductive health are in big trouble. Reproductive health really leads to abortion. We have seen it all around the world. And those countries – US, Europe, members of the UN – they all force us to have reproductive health. But their population is dwindling. They have no more young people. Less people are working and so their economy is becoming a problem. They have problems with social security. This is becoming a very big problem. And this is not for us, not for our country, the Philippines.

These western countries, who are promoting these problems, are already falling. Brothers and sisters, we know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We all know that those western countries are sinking. Why are they including us? The Philippines is just rising! The light of the God needs to be seen in this country and around the world.

What is important is our prayers and faith! Our knowing that Jesus is Lord. Our giving of ourselves, our love, our love as husband as wife, our love as family, our love as brothers and sisters.

That is why we need to continue this battle. Because this battle is for life and for God’s plan for us. We need to strengthen our prayers and our faith. We need to understand this reproductive health bill. And we need to fight for our rights and for the rights of the babies in the womb.

And this is the way. The way to experience happiness and blessings from God. Because this is His plan. And we will show this plan to the world. That God’s light is here! And we can show this to the world! Because here, we love family and we love life! At this is what is needed for our country to really progress!

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