Ambrosio Padilla is 100 years old!

My lolo Paddy would have turned 100 today. We all went up to ALPADI to celebrate with a Mass and a family lunch. Normally the whole place would be packed with relatives, but this being a Tuesday, there weren’t that many who were able to come.

Today, the Post Office of the Philippines also unveiled the commemorative stamps of lolo! Wow. I am so tempted to stop emailing for a while just to start using stamps. If only I knew where the post office actually was….

But seriously, it is such an honor to have my lolo on these stamps. They will be put on letters, packages, and be sent around the world. People will see them, be curious about them and maybe even Google who he is. And these people will read about a great man. Someone honest, sincere, solid, God-fearing, family-loving and who served his country with everything he had. He was an athlete and a politician, and did both very well.

It is a privilege for lolo Paddy to be on those stamps, but it is more of an honor for the Philippines to have him on the stamps – for when people read about lolo, they’ll encounter a great Pinoy. And we should all be proud of that.

Happy birthday lolo! I only wish you’d met my family. But I know that during some break time from all the fun in Heaven, you’re checking up on us now and then. And thanks lolo, for raising up good kids. They are raising us up well, too.

Oh, one last thing to all you people out there – if you ever decide to send a letter, check the stamp. If it is lolo, don’t lick it. Use a sponge. 😉

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