The cartoons of my childhood

There was this whole weekend of changing your Facebook profile picture into a cartoon of your childhood. I picked Silverhawks first, then switched it to Fraggle Rock. And looked for Gary Gnu and Dungeons and Dragons to post on my wall. So why not look for the fun cartoons of my whole childhood era? Here they are (leaving out He-Man, Thundercats, GI Joe, Transformers, Smurfs and all those other popular cartoons):

1. Silverhawks

2. Centurions

3. Visionaries

4. Fraggle Rock

5. Great Space Coaster

6. Space Ghost

7. Captain Caveman

8. Dungeons and Dragons

9. The Comic Strip (Tiger Sharks, Mini-Monsters, Karate Kat…)

10. Jem and Rainbow Brite (ok for the girls out there)


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