A father for the third time

In about 4 months I will have three children! Wow. I find that so amazing that we are blessed to have kids. And blessed to be trusted with 3. 🙂 And it is just perfect. I have the best “titles” for them, to stop sibling rivalry. Sabine, the eldest. Aida, the youngest girl. Baby Boy 3, the only boy.

I sometimes catch myself just watching my family sleep at night. Thinking of how good life is. We don’t have everything we want, but we definitely have everything we need. And a lot of things just come our way at the right time.

We found out today that baby 3 is a boy. And it feels good knowing that I have a chance to bring up a strong Christian man. Just like we are bringing up 2 strong Christian women. Sounds the same? Butt entirely different. With all the seminars and conferences I have attended with regards to children, I already see that raising a boy is a whole lot different than raising girls.

I am about to go on and on… so I’ll just stop here. And thank God again for the blessing of life, for the trust to bring that life into the world, and the empowerment to raise these children as well as we can.

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