My feast day.

Des baked these choco chip cookies. And they are so good! What is going on here? Des is becoming a master chef / baker. Hahha I love it! She also made our Christmas gifts. Won’t put a pic ’til they are all distributed.

Ok but that isn’t the purpose of this blog… though if you come to the house, you can have a taste of all these yummy food. Today is Father Francis Gustilo’s birthday! He is still recovering from his operation, so the plan was to go and visit him at Don Bosco, have Mass and a meal.

BUT today is also the finale of Survivor Philippines. And I have reserved slots to watch it live! The Mass was to start at 3pm, so it would end about 6 (with all the eating, etc). And to watch Survivor, we would have to be there early afternoon – since some parts would still be taped.

AGH. What a dilemma. I, of course, would have to choose one over the other. I even asked Sabine last night if I should go to Mass, or watch Survivor. She said Survivor. Haha. She loves me so much she knows that I love Survivor.

But really, the choice was not even a choice. The selfish decision would be to go to GMA and sit for hours just to watch the finale of one of (if not the) favorite shows. But the RIGHT decision would be to go to Father G, be with him and celebrate with him his birthday. Especially now that he is recovering.

Added to the fact that today is the feast of St. Francis Xavier – my namesake. Who was a missionary to Asia and was evangelizing without ceasing. How could I not go to Mass today? How could I not celebrate my life, instead of my show?

Now I am waiting for Survivor to show…. on TV. I went to Fr. G. Went to Mass. Emceed the party (huwhaaat?) and had a sumptuous Amici dinner. I went through traffic for almost 2 hours, and now am home. On my couch, eating those delicious choco chip cookies. How could it have gone any better?

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