If they had their way, they’d change Mama Mary to the Immaculate Implantation

Yesterday the whole Catholic world held a vigil for all nascent life, as requested by Pope Benedict XVI. With all the attacks on the baby, especially those yet to be born, we need to gear up with prayer to fight these people. We all have it ingrained in us that life begins at conception. Even our constitution says so. So instead of fighting that battle, the anti-lifers are trying to re-define conception. They say it happens at implantation, and not fertilization. Meaning, not when the sperm meets the egg, but when the sperm-egg plants itself in the uterus.

Crazy. When the sperm meets the egg, that already is life. Nascent life. Emerging life. And so we need to pray that those crazy people see how crazy their idea is.

Last night we trooped to Amvel City and to the El Shaddai grounds. THOUSANDS of people were there! And all of them were NOT from El Shaddai. The grounds were swelling with people. And the grounds were as big as Luneta. I loved the orderliness of it all. That even with thousands upon thousands of people – everything was in order, there were rows, and the litter was at a minimum.

People stayed to listen to Dr. Ligaya Acostaof Human Life International, Servant General Frank Padilla of Couples for Christ, Congressman Roilo Golez, Mayor Lito Atienza, Mayor Concepcion Zarate and Senator Kit Tatad. Fr. Melvin Castro celebrated Mass, with a WONDERFUL and AMAZING choir (sorry, I had to put that in!).

And the messages were heartfelt and REAL. Everything said could be appreciated by everyone present. And I believe hearts and minds were pierced that evening. Watch out, the pro-life army just gained thousands upon thousands more members.

Here’s dad’s speech. All pro-lifers (and non-lifers) should listen:

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