The Pope said I can use condoms?

Ok I admit it. I read what the explanations were of what the media were saying about the Pope and condoms (of course the media were slanted and were pushing what THEY wanted us to understand; and the politicians were celebrating their MISGUIDED notion of Papal affirmation), and I could grasp some of it, but not all of it. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

But it is always SO DIFFERENT when you research something, and read something – than when it is explained to you. And Michael Voris explains it REALLY WELL (he will be in Manila in February, by the way).

So we can read this:

In reality, the Church’s broad opposition to artificial birth control has not changed, and there’s no indication that it will give way under Benedict XVI, rightly seen as a champion of Catholic orthodoxy.

Instead, Benedict XVI has said in a book-length interview with a German journalist that while condoms are not the solution to the HIV/Aids crisis, there may nevertheless be individual cases where use of a condom can represent the first stirrings of a sense of moral responsibility, if the intent is to save someone’s life.

Even then the use a condom is still not the Pope’s moral ideal (especially, of course, where the sex takes place outside marriage), but Benedict has said that it can be a step in the right direction – the dawning of awareness that “one cannot do whatever one wants.””

Or we can watch this. And now I understand. 🙂

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