It’s all over the news and the internet. How some Pro-RH / Abortion demonstrators went to the Manila Cathedral to barge in on the vigil of Pro-Life Philippines.

I wasn’t there. But I sure wish I was. I am 100% behind Eric Manalang on this one. People like those Damaso-nians need prayers. What they did and where they did it showed a lack of respect, knowledge and understanding of the faith and religion they profess to have.

There is a time and a place for everything. If this was a convention or a conference, then definitely, stay outside and make all the noise you want. But the Manila Cathedral is not the place for that.

I also believe that they have the right to their own opinion. But calling the pastors of Catholics “Damaso” on the steps of the House of God, well, you’d really have to be possessed by evil to even think of such a thing. A rally on the steps of Congress is not even remotely comparable to a rally of insults hurled on priests on the steps of a Church.

There is another vigil this coming Saturday. A worldwide vigil for All Nascent Life. And I am sure that those Damao-nians will try to get even more press by doing the same thing. And that is a sad show of misguided support of a flawed RH Bill by so-called Catholics. When the leader of all Catholics urges you to join the vigil, would you go and use it to call priests like him “Damaso”?

The fight for life is heating up. And I really don’t get why people can be so selfish and only want life to be experience by them and people of their choosing. Everyone should have the chance to live. We cannot choose who gets to live and who doesn’t.

PS Damaso was a Spanish friar. Maybe they should wear those shirts in Spain.

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