Visitors welcome. Food even more welcome.

We moved everything yesterday!

2 trips with the truck


2 trips with the car

We got everything up 3 floors of stairs (Rene and Bondoy are supermen, man!) and were wiped out after one whole day of moving. Even the kids were tired:

We are all adjusting to apartment life. We forgot to buy light bulbs so the living room was so dark last night. And our room faces the street, so you can hear cars pass by. Every time a car passed by Sabine would say “What’s that daddy?” – well, we used to live on a mountain, so she’ll get it after a few more days.

Now there are only a few boxes left unopened. A lot of books all around the place. Today is the d-day for organization. So visitors will be welcomed starting today – as long as you bring food. None of those pastry stuff… we want MEAT!

This morning, Sabine was looking out the window and saw our neighbor that looks like Santa Claus. She started shouting: “Hi Santa! Bakit ka hubad?” (he was shirtless). We have to learn neighborly etiquette. 🙂

This is Day 2 of our family adventure.

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