This should be the new DOT slogan: Get Lost!

Is there a fuel shortage? Will our gas prices go up to P60 again? That will solve the traffic problem, for sure. Almost all the pumps at the Katipunan station had this sign. Weird! It’s a good thing I filled the tank up… especially with the morning that I had.

I dropped off Des at the Sangkap Sarap food challenge and bazaar in Capitol Greenstreet, Ayala Heights (you can still go until Sunday!) early in the morning. Then I went to Pope Pious Center along UN Avenue for a session with Pro-Life Philippines on “True love waits… uso pa ba?” I passed Taft avenue, and got stuck in all this traffic. Weird for an early Saturday morning. I got to UN Avenue. Waited. Waited. Waited. Apparently, there was a miscommunication, and the session was in Legarda!

I saw a participant who also was in Pious, so I told him to ride with me and go to Legarda. I said that it wouldn’t start without me anyway. Since I was giving the talk.

Well, a LOT of wrong turns around Manila – ending up near Quiapo church, and then in Sta. Mesa, then in Recto. Who knew where I was? I am from Antipolo! Mountains, one street…. Manila is chaotic to me!

Got to the session reasonably late. And then, after the session, I had to go to Makati to pick up my kids to bring them to their cousin’s birthday party in Pasay. I knew the long way from Legarda to Roxas Blvd to EDSA, etc. But I decided to try another route. I ended up all over the place. Let’s just say, I now know where a lot of places I just read about, are located.

We got to the party reasonably late.

So, I have the PERFECT slogan for the Department of Tourism. Instead of “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” that no one aside from Pinoys will understand, or BeautifulFilipinas/BeautifulPilipinas that leads to a triple-x porn site, we can use the slogan GET LOST.

You get to see the Philippines and interact with friendly and happy Pinoys along the way. It works! I tried it the whole day today.

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