The Great Migration, part 3

We took a break yesterday (the 18th) to actually get some work done in our real jobs. So today, we resumed in bringing all the stuff. And boy, where did we get all this stuff?! Have they been hiding in the closets all these years? They suddenly emerged, with a vengeance!

We even have boxes and boxes of boxes. Which I summarily executed. No more boxes that are empty. We need all the space we can get.

I took a picture of what we are leaving behind.

empty shelves


empty closets

Wow. All that stuff. For just a family of 4-going-on-5. More stuff coming, for sure.


PS. Blessing coming! One of our HH-mates, an interior designer / architect / great mother / good friend / awesome cook, is helping us design the place. No need for Ikea! 😉

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