This is the way we pack away….

Sabine and Aida learned that song when they were still in The Reading Nook. And it still works until now. 🙂 When we start singing it, they start packing away their toys. Maybe we can make a Pinoy version… hmmm….

Today we will start the process of packing up all our stuff in boxes, and then getting ready everything we have for the move to Pasig. It’s a good thing it is a holiday today. Between all the stuff we have to do, if this holiday didn’t come, we’d move in December.

I took a picture (above) of my shelves. It surrounds the door to our house. I had them made, copying the concept off a magazine. I have to say it is my most favorite feature of our house here. I’ll miss it. And now, looking at everything in it, I am wondering how that will all fit in our new place. Time to not only pack away, but to give away.

This is the way we give away… give away… give away.

Parting is really sweet sorrow.


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