>from CBCP NEWS: Defend and uphold culture of life, Catholic families urged


Defend and uphold culture of life, Catholic families urged

MANILA, Nov. 7, 2010—The national leader of a Catholic organization urged Catholic families to defend and uphold the culture of life, saying that life in the womb is a wonderful gift from God.

Frank Padilla, the Servant General of the Couples for Christ—Foundation for Family and Life, stressed that Catholics must work to renew the family as it is threatened from all sides by values contrary to Church`s teachings.

Padilla was one of the speakers to the 500 or so delegates to the 17th Asia – Pacific Congress on Faith Life and Family at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

He noted that modern families are now being destroyed because of divorce, separation, living-in and valueless sex education, in vitro fertilization and same-sex marriage.

Padilla also said many families are dysfunctional, some with one parent caring for the children while others may be two parents but of the same sex.

Under such situations, he said children will grow up dysfunctional.

“Pretty soon, they are shooting their classmates or committing suicides or just being a menace to society,” he added.

He urged Catholic families to work to defend and uphold the culture of life as it is “God’s wonderful gift that starts in the womb” and the enemy brings death through abortion, contraception, sterilization and through embryonic stem cells, euthanasia and assisted suicide and life’s degradation through corruption, poverty, environmental destruction.

Padilla called on the participants to recognize the need to be informed and equipped and know the ways of the enemy and see clearly the need to develop one’s competencies and strategies.

He said one of the weaknesses of the pro-life movement is the disunity and lack of collaboration.

He encouraged the participants to be “continually renewed in spirit” because “we not only do good works but we develop a vibrancy of faith.” (Melo M. Acuna)

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