CFC FFL, Global and GK all under one roof!

We have HLI to thank!

We have been the service team for the HLI Asia pacific Congress since Wednesday. And it will be ongoing until Monday. It is no joke to hold a 6-day conference! Wow, I truly, TRULY honor the CFC FFL team for everything they are doing. Even if everyone is tired – and can easily be cranky and irritable – they still choose to smile and serve the best they can. Because we do it for a great cause.

I was able to lead the opening worship today of the Main Conference (the past days were the pre-conference training days). And it was an honor for me to do so. I can’t say I wasn’t wracked with fear, but it isn’t about me 🙂 It is about giving everyone the chance to focus on God before listening to everything for the day today.

There are delegates from Global as well. And it was good to spend time with Shok (Ariola) again! I didn’t get the chance to sit down with the others, but it was cool to see everyone.

And, get this, ninong Luis and kuya Mari Oquinena were at the venue as well! What a surprise! I got to chat with them as well, and catch up. 😉

Thanks HLI, for the fun circumstances you gave us today. To meet and talk with old friends. To catch up. And to be happy with all our current realities. Two more days! My eye bags are huge balikbayan boxes now, but who would want to give those up? The chance to serve at this conference is a chance in a lifetime.

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