This is Sabine’s rendition of Plants vs Zombies.

I don’t play a lot of games on the computer (well, even off the computer). But I do love some: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and my most favorite is Plants vs Zombies! It isn’t such a difficult game, but once you start, you can get hooked playing it for hours!

Sabine sometimes sits with me while I play, and now she chooses plants to put in the game, and she always asks (and has to be affirmed) that we will win against the Zombies. So, when i feel like we will lose, I switch the game to her Dress Up Barbie app. They can deal with bitterness and loss later in life! 😉

I don’t think she really likes the Zombies, she just watches with us (Des, too) to be part of our playing. And to bond with us. She asks questions and likes to be part of the fun. She is making the effort to be part of the PvZ community. And that is adorable!

Though maybe it is time for her to focus on other games. Games that don’t require decapitation or limbs falling off. The painting is sign enough that focusing on the game is enough.

So many parenting lessons learned and still to be learned in life.

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