Remembering Love

It is November 1, and a time to remember love.

Both my grandparents have passed away – Lolo Paddy and Lola Lily Padilla & Lolo Cho and Lola Aida Sotto. We named our 2 daughters after my lolas – Sabine Lourdes (Lourdes for Lola Lily) and Aida Therese (Aida for Lola Aida). I can only pray they get the fiery and strong characters my lolas had. Though that would make our house VERY interesting.

We are still waiting for our boys to use Ambrosio and Plaridel.

Two of my uncles passed away as well. Tito Enteng Padilla and Tito Hammy Sotto. Tito Enteng when I was very young, and tito Hammy recently. I think I got tito Hammy’s creativity – he was a literary genius (well, I’m not a literary genius.. haha).

And painful to remember, my cousin Ria Roque. We still miss her a lot. And wish she was with us until now. But God has other plans, and she is partying away in Heaven, being a real godmother to my kids.

Des’ dad also passed away a few months after we got married – Desiderio Yupano. He was a quiet guy, but he knew his business. I remember having lunch with him once before Des and I got married. He was just quiet, but his looks could pierce you. Haha. I don’t remember being terrified… or maybe my memories are blocked.

We miss him as well, and miss the chance our kids could have had with him. But we do remember his love for his kids – and that translates to his grandkids as well.

We remember all of you, and your love stays with us even until now.

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  1. hi, my mom and i were browsing names of her former classmates and friends back in high school and one of them’s Desiderio Yupano, whom we stumbled upon your blog. i have left my email. mom would like to know more information about what happened to Mr. Yupano. i can leave our contact details in private or through our exchange of emails. we hope to hear from you soon. thank you.

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