If you will it, I will be healed

The NCYM ended last Friday, and with that, the other 10 CFC FFLers left Malaybalay at various times. But all on Friday. I can say that during the whole day, I was questioning why I had to stay for the weekend (I was going to be documenting the National Youth Coordinating Council 2010 meeting). It came to the point that I was going to use my being sick to get out of staying for the weekend.

But during the last Mass of the NCYM, it just came to me, like a bonk on the head. That my physical suffering is nothing like the suffering of Jesus. And the small things that I go through for the Church is nothing like what He went through for us. It is suffering for the sake of the Church who is in pain. And hopefully alleviating that pain, even in a small way.

And then Bishop Bong came up and spoke about everyone being Centurions!

That we are a special breed of people, called to do more. And to whom much has been given. Sometimes I let my flawed way of thinking get the better of me. And I fail to see that in everything, there is a purpose. Even sickness and suffering.

But even sickness and suffering can be overcome. If we lift it up to God at the Mass and ask Him, if He wills it, to heal us. No need to go to “healers”… where else is God truly present, body and blood, than at the Mass? He is right there! Ask Him to heal you.

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