Good News in Love: Chastity!

This was the name of my workshop at the NCYM 2010. They gave me 4 hours to talk about Chastity! And really, I could have gone for more if my voice didn’t start giving up at the 2nd hour. I got to talk to people from Dioceses and Organizations around the country. And was able to get their suggestions and opinions. The CFC FFLers who attended my workshop (really, Joseph, Cocoi and Pat, did you have to make me so self-conscious?! Haha, but thanks for the support!) also were able to talk about LivePure. And I believe it is a good Movement for all youth, regardless of affiliation.

At the end of the day, we got to celebrate Mass as a workshop group. Fr. Dyon of Naval celebrated it, and Fr. Lief of Davao gave the homily. Fr. Lief gets it. He gets the whole concept and gets the urgency. I like it when a priest gets it. Go, Fr. Lief!

I am truly thankful for having been given the opportunity to give the workshop. And I am even more grateful that I was speaking on topics that I studied. And not just giving off-the-cuff remarks. Thank you, TOB. 🙂

Here are those people at my TOB class two weeks ago. I just got the picture, so I am sharing it with you:

One of the participants, Fr. Jack, took a picture at sunrise and God gave Him a reminder (and all of us too). That we should always shine on the Sacrifice of Jesus when talking about our bodies and our lives as gifts.

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