Barkadang NCYM

There were 11 of us from CFC FFL who went to Bukidnon over one week. I am truly blessed to be with people who are co-workers, but not only co-workers – they are friends. And after a week of being together, even better friends now. I can’t imagine working in a place where everything is just that… work.

It was a blessing to have tito Mali host me (I will not spill any beans… I will not spill any beans…). And have the crew hang out every now and then. The usual ranting and raving. The bonding. The revelations. Everyone being real.

Sometimes I think that “opening up” is not a necessity in new friendships. Or even “deepening up” of old friendships is not something to work on. But that isn’t thinking in the right frame of mind. We have to work on our relationships, so that they will work. 😉

Last week was awesome. Now, we have an even better working relationship, and a deeper friendship.

[5 people not in the picture above]

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