I am making my way back home, slowly but surely. I doesn’t help, though, knowing that there is a super typhoon making his way to Manila as well. Oh, Juan! Veer off course! I am learning to accept turbulence as God’s loving embrace. Like when I hug and squeeze my daughters, and shake them! That’s the NEW TURBULENCE to me…. in theory! Please, Lord. Help me make it a reality.

On the way to my first stop, I was seated beside a lady. She was drinking vodka at 6:00AM! She had about 3 or 4. She had her iPod on fullblast. And she was putting make-up again and again.

Why do we do that? We put on so many masks! Drinking to dull pain. Noise to keep out the silence. Masks to hide what’s beneath it. What are we afraid of?

In Karate Kid, there was a nice quote: “Keeping still and doing nothing are two different things.”

People are so afraid of keeping still. They think they aren’t doing anything, and end up trying to do so many things. Distract themselves. Keep the appearance of busy-ness. Keeping still scares people. Maybe because of what we will have to face when we actually DO keep still.

Why do we need to dull the pain? We need to FEEL. We need to feel the love that we receive from God. And of course that comes with pain. There is no gain, without pain. There is no Easter without Good Friday. There is no resurrection without crucifixion and death. We need to feel that pain.

Why do we need to always be “in noise”? We need to LISTEN. We should not hide behind noise. We shouldn’t be afraid of spending time to listen. Because how can we listen to God, if we only hear noise? Granted God can speak through the noise. But we also have to lessen the noise in our hearts. The noise that blocks out anything that will allow God to speak to us.

And why do we have so many masks? We need to ACCEPT. Accept ourselves for who we are. Yes we are human beings, but we are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God. We are unique! There is NO ONE else like us. Ever before, now and ever in the future. We are THAT special and unique. And we do not need to hide behind masks and veils. We do not need to work for the acceptance of others. We just need to accept ourselves and how much God loves us.

I also have a lot of masks. My laptop. My choosing to sleep when I have idle time. My need to always do something. My cellphone. My radio. All these masks. But we need to take time off from them to FEEL, LISTEN and ACCEPT.

Time to be still.

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