Blah, blah, blah

One of my “classmates” asked me last night: “Are you excited to go home?” I answered that I am! But thinking how to explain everything that I learned here without fumbling… I mean, I have it all in my head but my mouth might not be able to keep up.

How can I tell Des that our relationship should work towards being representative of the relationship of Jesus and the Church? And that it has the echoes of the pre-fall relationship of Adam and Eve. And that these two marriages are the bookends to our relationship?

Or that our unitive and procreative act must partake of the eternal communion of Father, Son and Spirit? Or that even our bodies proclaim our faith? That they are Sacraments?

And that’s just the tip. The VEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY tip of the iceberg.

Whoa. Good thing I have a 24+ hour journey tomorrow. I can digest it. And then experiment on the Youth Ministers in Malaybalay next week.

Christopher is right. Even after all this, once we get to see and feel and experience it for REAL in Heaven… it will all pale in comparison to our words. It will be all BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. And that is awesome. Just like our kids, when they learn how to talk. It may sound BLAH, but it is music to our ears.

So, when you see me, ask me to explain what BLAH is. And then give me a few(?) minutes to talk to you about you wonderful, Sacramental and extraordinarily unique body.

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