>5 Things you should know about the pill


The Pill: The Silent Assassin


Did you know that…

1.     The high-dose estrogen pill created in 1960, is no longer available in Canada and the U.S. because of its dangerous side effects (blood clots and heart attacks).

2.     Today’s low-dose pill (half as much progestin – the synthetic version of progesterone – and estrogen) and mini pills (small amount of progestin, no estrogen) are less likely to stop ovulation, and so, instead, work as abortifacients by preventing the embryo from implanting in the womb, and thus, starving the human embryo to death.  Murder!

3.     The International  Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the pill as a group 1 carcinogen.

4.     If you’ve been on the pill and NEVER had a full-term pregnancy (miscarriages don’t count!), you are 40% more at risk of having breast cancer than someone who has never been on the pill. 

5.     The pill also makes you infertile, more prone to high blood pressure, stroke, blood clots, heart attack, and cardiovascular diseases, increased irritability, weight gain, a propensity for depression, a reduced libido (with a reduced sense of well-being, female confidence, and desire for sexual intimacy).

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