Will I carry her?

I have this picture of dad carrying me on the shelf at our house. I used it to greet dad on his birthday a few days ago. Dad carried, and still carries, me. With his faith and with his love for God. Even if he probably cannot do it physically now (I am much heavier than him), he does it spiritually. And I am grateful.

Here at the Course, there is a couple. And the husband carries the wife on his back everywhere they go. She got into a car accident a few years ago, and ever since then, he carried her on his back. It is heart warming to see them going everywhere. And interacting with people. And just seeing the joy in them. They aren’t forced. They do it willingly.

The husband was asked why he does it. And he said that for the first 22 years of their lives, she carried him. This is the least he can do for her.

And THAT is what marriage and love is all about. About giving your all for the other person. About wanting what is best for the other. About sacrificing yourself, even unto death, to serve the other. Sometimes we miss out on that. But God sends us reminders of how it should be.

Will I carry her? Do you even have to ask.

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