Real beauty in the eyes of a 3 year old

My beautiful wife sent me this picture. It is a drawing (well, as drawings go on iPads) of our daughter. A portrait of Des. With the blue being Des’ hair. And the red being her lips.

And it is beautiful.

Sure, we can say that it is just a glob of colors and lines. But this is the beauty that a 3 year old can see and express. This is how she sees beauty. And how she can manifest it with her senses. With her eyes and her touch and her creativity.

She sees this beauty, and draws it. And we, who may “know better” can either see nothing, or recognize and appreciate what she is trying to convey.

Same with us actually. We see beauty and try to convey it in different ways. Though words or pictures or drawings of paintings or music. Or stories or adventures or daydreams. And we try our best to show others the beauty we see. But it still pales so much in comparison to the REAL BEAUTY that is evident.

How can we paint a picture of an eternal beauty? How can we capture into words a description of an eternal song? How can we dream of an eternal story? We can’t. Our drawings will always end up looking like a glob of lines and colors.

But in the eyes of Him who we are trying to capture, it is beautiful.

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