>5 things you should know about contraceptives


Hormonal Contraceptives

Did you know that…

1.     ALL hormonal contraceptives – the pill, Norplant implants, Depo-Provera (aka Couples’ injectibles), OVRAL  (the morning after pill, “PLAN B”) are abortifacients.  They have been labeled by the World Health Organization as carcinogens.  These combined oral contraceptives increase cervical cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer.  They also increase chances of heart disease.

2.     The hormonal contraceptive Norplant are rubber tubes placed under the skin that gradually releases progrestin over 5 years.  The closer it gets to 5 years, the greater the amount of progestin released, increasing its abortifacient quality of preventing the fertilized embryo from implanting in the womb, and thus, starving him/her to death.

3.     Norplant causes menstrual irregularities and sometimes, prolonged bleeding.

4.     Depo-Provera (Couples’ Injectible) or DMPA is progestin injected on the arm.  DMPA has a 310% significant risk of getting breast cancer.

5.     OVRAL (the morning after pill, or Plan B) is an emergency abortifacient taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.  Higher incidences of ectopic pregnancy if a pregnancy occurs.

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