>5 Things you should know about condoms


The Condom & The Safe Sex Lie

Did you know that…

1.     In typical use (real world vs. lab/perfect use), condoms are 85% effective.  They have a failure rate of 15%.  SAFE sex means 100% effective.  Anything other than that is NOT safe!

2.     The 15% failure rate is like 1 out of 6 chances that the condom will fail.  That’s like placing a single bullet in a revolver as in Russian Roulette!  Are you betting she won’t get pregnant or get HIV?

3.      The safe sex myth makes a condom user think he’s safe, so proceeds to increase his risky sexual behavior, only to be baffled when 1 out of 6 times, the condom will fail!

4.     Then there’s the cumulative risk factor.  If you toss a coin once, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get heads.  If you toss it 5x, there’s 97% chance you’ll get heads.  In the same way, the first time you use a condom, there’s a 15% chance of failure.  If you use a condom 10 times, there’s now a risk of 80% failure.  In other words, if you continue to use a condom again and again, chances are, you’ll eventually get pregnant or HIV.

5.     Condoms won’t protect against skin-to-skin contact that leads to Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as herpes and HPV (Human Papillomoma Virus), the most common STD.  If you are sexually active, you will most likely contract it.  It has 100 types and can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.



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