Of Honey and honey buns

Ok. That’s a weird title considering that the picture you see is of me and Christopher West. But, really, it’s not weird at all. I’ve been listening to Christopher for the past 4 days talking about the Theology of the Body. And it is wonderful.

This TOB is making me look at my marriage in a new light. No, new light is not right. It is the light that has always been there, but I haven’t really noticed. And now, I can see it shining brightly before me. And all I can say is: “Oh my gosh. That’s been there all the time?”

It is also making me see people who have chosen to live celibate lives in a new light. How much they are sacrificing for God, and for us who are married. How they are giving up something earth-y for something absolutely Heaven-ly. They are truly blessed to be called to do that, and even more blessed to have answered that special calling.

I have to say that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go home without having been changed. Even the simplest thing as seeing things has become new to me. And knowing that there is still so much more to come.

We need to look again at ourselves and our surroundings. And talk to God and ask Him to reveal more of Himself within ourselves and around us. We will start to see things new. And then exclaim: “Oh my gosh. That has been there all this time? Why didn’t I notice it?!” Because we didn’t open our eyes to see.


PS. In a special way, I dedicate these next 2 pictures to my girls. They love this picture book which talks about STICKY HONEY BUNS TO EAT. And I have always wondered what those could be. And last night, voila! God answered my query:

And they were delicious.

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