I offer my hand

Where do I start?

There are so many issues in the world, in the Philippines, in our communities, in our families, that sometimes it is difficult to see where to go and what to do. And we may even end up listless and confused. Instead of doing something, we end up doing nothing.

It is said that it is better to get out of the boat and sink, than never to get out of the boat at all.

We need to try. We need to reach out to those who need help and guidance. Even in our being imperfect and broken – we can still offer up our hand to those who may be needing it – whether they know (or acknowledge) it or not.

I am not one for debates and volatile discussions. I get dizzy and dazed easily. I feel the heat (high blood?) rise up my neck easily. Short tempered? Or just exasperated?

But I do need to try. I need to be level-headed and calm. And secure in knowing the truth about things. About experiencing the joy of living in the truth. And even with the struggles, failures and disasters, there is still something beautiful and wondrous that I have (and am) experiencing.

We need to stretch out that arm, and open that palm – even if we know that someone will eventually hammer a nail through it. Jesus spoke the truth at ALL times. And we nailed Him to a Cross. How can we expect any less?

We just need to keep believing. Searching. Questioning! Proclaiming. Learning. Speaking. Shouting. Guiding. We need to keep focusing on Jesus, and looking into His eyes. Because if we do that, then we won’t sink. In fact, we will walk on water.

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