Tell your children that you CHOSE them

I just got back from the best confession ever. Even better than the ones I did in the Vatican. Ok, so maybe the place doesn’t dictate the kind of confession. It really is the status of the heart. And I can say that my heart was (and is) unusually open. I was able to REALLY confess. And it was awesome.

(Wait… not that I didn’t REALLY confess before… ok no use in trying to defend myself)

One thing Fr. Bob told me was this: Tell your children that you chose them. Everyday. They may not understand it now, but they will eventually. And it will make a difference.

And I almost cried then and there. But of course, being manly, I held it in. But it is true. Our children need to know we chose them. We decided to have them. And with God’s grace and power, He gave them to us.

Sabine, we chose you.

Aida, we chose you.

Baby 3, we chose you.

And I will tell you that everyday.


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