Open your heart to people

I am in Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful retreat place (obviously) about 1 hour outside Philadelphia. The food is delicious! The amenities are good, considering it is a retreat place. Tomorrow, I will check out the walking trails and the mountainside.

This is 1 mile away from Christopher West’s house! And that’s why I am here. I am attending the Theology of the Body I: Head and Heart Immersion Course. And it is held here because it is near Christopher’s house. I am going to be here for a week. For a 30 hour course on TOB by Christopher himself! It is such a blessing.

God really opens a window when he closes doors. And with this, he opened a huge window for me.

We had our first session with him already. It was just an Introductory session, but seriously, I got teary eyed so many times (if I wasn’t so manly, I would have cried like a baby already). I realized that I need to OPEN MY HEART more to people. I suppose I am not such an open person. I don’t like people getting involved in my life. But that is impossible to do when you are doing Catholic ministry and living a Catholic life.

How else will people see how Christ works in me if I don’t allow them to see within me?

Painful process, for sure. But to be able to get to MORE joy. MORE hope. MORE contentment. MORE anything… we have to go through the CROSS.

We have to be wounded. Bloodied. Broken. Hanging on a tree. But destined for glory.

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