Our old, yet new, place

Before I left for Philadelphia, I made a stopover at our first home together. We stayed here for maybe half a year before moving to Antipolo. It brought goosebumps knowing we will be back here again soon.

Housewarming to come. 😉

Now I am in Philly, and stayed at a hotel for a night before going to the Retreat Center later. It’s nice to be messy sometimes, especially in my room:

All these hotels have free wifi, and not only hotels! I just LOVE the fact that they have wifi on airplanes too, now.

I didn’t get to use it, because I was fearing for my life through the turbulent skies. But it is still great how technology is keeping us connected, even in the air.

PS. Did you hear about the Google Car? You don’t even need to drive!

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