“Keep your rosaries out of our ovaries!”

The anti-life vs pro-life battle has begun again. Now it is getting uglier. With people who dress like Charlie Chaplin disrupting the Holy Mass. I have a strong pro-life stance, but I do not stop others from having their own opinion (even if it gets me into a lot of heated exchanges). But there is always the right place and time for such opinions. And during a Holy Mass, where the faithful Catholics go to pray and be one with the worldwide community of Catholics – that is not the place for narcissistic behavior of anti-lifers. I don’t go to houses of people who support condoms, pills and IUDs and then start pouring blood all over my shirt and scream “MURDERER” (hmmm, idea!).

People say that the Church should be quiet, and should not meddle in the affairs of the people. Those people forget that the Church is only 1% Priests and Nuns. And the rest of the Church ARE THE PEOPLE. And what the leaders of the Church says, matters to us. They are there to guide us and show us the right way to live better lives. Lives that will make the world a better place. I do not think they speak too much, they actually speak TOO LITTLE! They need to be more vocal and more involved. But just as they need to be involved, so do we need to be involved – the Catholic faithful.

Just some advice for those who lambast us Catholics:

1. If you aren’t Catholic, then you do not need to listen to our Church leaders. They are here to guide us, Catholics.

2. If you are Catholic (or say you are), but are attacking the teachings of the Church, then there is something wrong with you. The Catholic faith isn’t a sari-sari store, where you choose what you want to believe in. You have to believe ALL OF IT. And that means, you need to STUDY your faith, ASK QUESTIONS and STRENGTHEN it.

We need to have better informed, formed and convicted Catholic faithful. Who know what they believe, and also BELIEVE what they believe AND live it out.

Oh Lord. When these guys have to pass a test, or need healing from an ailment, or suffering through hardship – they go to You and beg for Your help. But when it is time to fight FOR You, they forget all you’ve done for them.

Family time looking through the news

I am going to do my part. By raising up my kids the right way. By keeping the Church in my life. By keeping those rosaries in our lives. There really is no other way. It is also time to be more faithful, and to tell these anti-lifers:


Keep your promiscuity out of our community!

… of course, said with with love. Because we still want you to see the great life that you CAN have with God.

In the meantime, again, I will not have my children grow up in a place where life is not respected. And they are the reason I am going to continue fighting, and continue speaking up. We will NOT back down.

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