“Buang ka guid!”

I went to Bohol for the Groundbreaking of the Restoration Village in Getafe. It is primarily the effort of the Parish of Sto. Nino de Getafe, with CFC FFL helping out with the logistical side of things. The beauty of this project is that the whole Parish is involved, and it is “owned” by everyone. Not just one community or group of people. It is really the whole Parish helping each other!

I have been in ANGKOP, then ANCOP, then Gawad Kalinga. And now I see this Restoration Village. It is great being able to learn from the past, and do things that are aligned with our vision and mission. And this is only the first of many parish-based RVs! I am excited!

Getafe is about an hour and a half away from Tagbilaran. So we left early morning to make our way there. I have to say, I LOVE Getafe. It is cool, breezy, near the water, quiet… wow. I wouldn’t mind living there at all. We got to the site, met the people and ate before the ceremonies (and ate again after… well, it is CFC FFL (full of food and laughter!).

I cannot get over the generosity of people. One of the CFC FFL members who is from Getafe is donating his land for the RV. And in his speech, he said that God woke him from his slumber and said “buang ka guid (you’re crazy)!” – referring to the riches and land that he will not be able to take with him when he dies. So he has committed to help and give of his treasure as long as he is alive. Wow. If only we were all like that.

All of us – willing to help. And actually putting money where our mouth and intentions are. There are just too many people who talk and talk. But don’t do anything.

In November, we will go back and bless the first 2 houses! The first 2 of many!

Our sponsors!

The stakeholders. The donors, CFC FFL, the Parish, the town and the barangay

Me, signing as a witness

Thank you speech! It’s harder than it looks! Bisaya, Tagalog and English = bulol!


After this, we went to have lunch (more pictures of everything here). And then went on to EAT Danao (Extreme Adventure T…) and I went cliff / bungee jumping! I can’t explain it. What a rush. Here’s the video!

Life is too precious and exciting for us to not let people experience it!

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