LivePure, more than ever

In the news today, we read that Noynoy has come out of the closet. And he is now open to contraception and other forms of population control. Coming hot on the heels of his announcement of investments in the Philippines by the US government. Babies. A small price to pay for dollars.

The Church is up in arms with the announcement. I understand they thought they could change him. But, we already knew that he was not pro-life when he was running for office. So, instead of complaining about it, we just need to fight. Harder than ever. I have to say, though, that I DID NOT vote for him. No way.

But these are all reactions to things we already knew. We knew he would be like that. We knew he’d cave in to dollars. We knew he wouldn’t have the same love for family and children that we do. We knew that. We can still pray for him, but the battle is not there anymore. The battle is with showing the world that there are people who know what is important; who choose to be living the right way of life; and who struggle with that choice everyday. Struggle because they KNOW that if they succeed, their lives will be better and fuller – and this world WILL be a better place.

And there ARE people like that in the world. They exist!

And we can all be like them. We can all LivePure as well.

Is there really any other way to live?

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