Meeting pillars of life

I have met a lot of pro-life pillars over the past few years. Ever since I got to be more involved in this way of life. It started with getting into the Board of Trustees of Pro-Life Philippines, and being able to talk, interact and bond with Sr. Pilar Verzosa and Mayor Lito Atienza. Two very strong and passionate pro-lifers. With them around, you have absolutely NOTHING to fear!

And then I got to meet people from Human Life International. The fiery Ligaya Acosta. The extremely smart and funny Brian Clowes. And the icon Fr. Tom Euteneuer (though I can’t really say that I have had a long conversation with him – hopefully when we find out where his Parish is, we can invade it).

I also get to have email exchanges with the elusive Zoe Vidal.

Now, getting involved with the Theology of the Body, I got to learn from 2 of the people leading the effort in the Philippines – Fr. Maxell Aranilla and Fr. Joel Jason. I am very excited to learn even more from them. And soon, I will get to learn from one of most well-known people in regards to TOB – Christopher West himself. My heart is beating fast just thinking about it. 🙂

And added to that, in February, Jason Evert is coming to Manila to speak on Chastity! He is also one of the leading people in regards to that.

We are all blessed to have so many eloquent pro-lifers in our midst. And these aren’t those who speak about it, but LIVE IT OUT  as well. Being pro-life isn’t just a stand, after all, it is a way of life!

Oh my, how will I get a good night’s sleep? I stay awake smiling just thinking of that seminar. 😉 I truly owe everything to the first pro-lifers I have encountered. Without them, I would not have this fire within me to learn more and do more.

(ca. 1972)

I really love my parents. No cliche. Just truth. Thank you.

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