It is because He knew

The chapel at ALPADI

In reading the Gospels (or books in the New Testament, for that matter), we always come across Jesus going to a deserted place to pray. Or praying in solitude. Sometimes for hours, and sometimes for days.

I have difficulty sitting still and concentrating on my prayer. This comes from the technological generation mindset where when we want something, we can get it NOW. And if we don’t, then we become irritated. We want people to reply to e-mail NOW. We want the line at the grocery counter to move NOW. We want cars to whizz once the light turns green, and if they don’t we honk them like crazy. We want everything NOW.

And so it always amazed me to read how Jesus could spend hours and hours praying. Alone. Sure there was no Facebook then, but he was always walking. There were always people following him. People who were sick were always being brought to him. So how could he make time to pray?

I believe, one of the reasons, was because He knew.

He knew that He would have to suffer and die. He knew He would die on the Cross. He knew how painful it would be. And so He had to connect to His Father and feel the love and affirmation coming from God. He needed that constant connection, to get revitalized and to be able to keep working and spreading the Gospel.

And we are no different. We may not have the privilege of dying for the faith, but we also KNOW. We know that we will die. We know that what we are enjoying here on earth is just temporary, even fleeting. And so we know that we will be facing an uncertain death as well.

So why aren’t we also going to that deserted place to pray? Why aren’t we finding that time to be alone with God? Also to prepare ourselves. Also to get that connection and get revitalized. Also to keep us secure and founded in spreading the Gospel.

We know. And we should act knowingly.

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