Do you also want to leave?

There are just some talks you hear, even if the speaker is the same, that strike you. The session with Fr. Gustilo today really struck me. It just opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of the Bread of Life. And the wonders of communion at Mass. Being one with the Catholic faithful.

Yes, we hear that all the time, but we become desensitized to it. Today, it again became real.

We have started not bringing our kids to Mass with us, if we have the choice. Because they become restless, and we end up not listening much to the Mass. But, our faith cannot be taught. It is imbibed through osmosis. How can we expect them to be faithful, if they do not see it in us? Maybe the bringing of the kids to Mass is not the problem. Maybe the Mass time is the problem. Lunch time will definitely make them cranky, since they are hungry. And it is hot at the same time. Time to change routine.

Fr. G also mentioned Rembrandt and his painting of Jesus. And the expression on His face asking “Do you also want to leave?” (John 6:22 ff). When we hear things that are right, but they are not what we want to hear, will we also leave?

Not me. Because like what they said…. where else will we go? When we have what we will ever need right here.

[watch the Bible study here:

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