Moving on in this thing called life

I’ve lived in a number of places throughout my life. When I was young, I can vaguely remember living in Bel-Air subdivision in Makati. I cannot really pull any distinct memories, but when I think of it, I see brown. After that, we moved into a townhouse in Victoria Valley. We lived there for a number of years, while the house in ALPADI was being built. I can remember birthday parties there. The steep road coming from the top of the village. And having neighbors!

We moved to ALPADI sometime early 1980s. Sumulong Highway was a dirt road. We had no phone. No cable. Just a HUGE black mobile phone that hurt your fingers when you pressed the buttons. We had snakes in the backyard. But fresh air. No noise. And the feeling of quiet.

When I was in College, the flyover of Katipunan was being built. So we were subjected to 4 hour traffic jams on the way to school. I ended up staying in a condominium; and then a townhouse, with two of my good friends – both women. That was a fun time. And memories from then are hazy.

I moved back to ALPADI soon enough though. I was having TOO MUCH FUN. Stayed there for years again after that. Just changing rooms within the house (oh I lived in the Couples for Christ mission house for a few months as well. Just to experience that life…. ummm… never again).

To prepare for married life, I moved into an apartment in Pasig. Des and I got married, and lived there for almost a year. We decided to move back to ALPADI, to get help with our first born child – Sabine – since my parents were more than willing to help us out.

We stayed. We had a place in ALPADI made (connected to the “mother house”). Had another child – Aida. And now another one on the way. But now, it is time to make another move. The house is getting smaller. And as I said in my previous post, it is also time to live according to the life I have chosen.

So, come 2011, we will be making another move. Making plans. Fixing budgets. Tightening belts. Taking that deep breath, and making that leap.

Come visit. Bring food.

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