> With possible malicious intent the ugly part of life is again gaining the
> limelight in our country as the frequency of aborted fetuses is publicly
> exposed. The placing and exhibiting of aborted human fetuses in public
> places are not favored in other cultures, and decent people refuse to do
> the same.
> Thou shalt not kill! A deliberately procured abortion is a moral evil and
> the Catholic Church attaches the canonical penalty of Excommunication on
> those who procure it and on those who help obtain abortion (Canon 1398).
> If the expositions of discarded human fetuses are not done with evil
> intent, then the practice alone of rampant abortion is symptomatic of a
> grave moral decadence and irresponsible behavior that now seriously
> threaten the country.
> Human lives are always precious to God and any violation of it will be
> dealt with by Him for He said, "Vengeance is mine . . . He will avenge the
> blood of his servants" (Gene 4:15, Deut. 32:43). Abortion is a grave sin
> against a defenseless life; and for this the severe canonical penalty to
> perpetuator/s is Excommunication.
> Unwanted pregnancies could be avoided if only people are less selfish, are
> more disciplined and capable of self control, exercising a strong will,
> and capable of making sacrifices. These are virtues that are much needed
> in a country of disciplined people.
> Short cuts to progress even by way of new laws cannot compensate for
> abandoned values. Human life, created in the image of its Maker, (Gen.
> 1:27), the very source of the rights and dignity of the human person, must
> always be respected and defended.
> In Churches where public exposition of fetuses occurs, special prayers and
> acts of reparation will be made, for the sins of the perpetrators, at the
> church's Prayer and Adoration Chapels. Pray and include also in your
> prayers the special prayers to ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, for the
> perpetrators and instigators of this grievous sin against the life of the
> innocent.
> May Mary, Mother of Life, intercede for all who value the sacredness of life.
> (signed)
> Archbishop of Manila
> Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
> 15 September 2010
> http://www.rcam.org/Homilies/2010/cardinal_rosales/abortion_a_crime_against_life.html
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