Time to fix my lifestyle to fit my life

Last night I had one of those eureka moments. An epiphany of sorts. I realized that I am not living the lifestyle that fits my life.

I grew up getting mostly what I wanted (maybe not needed, but definitely wanted). And even up to my working years, whatever I earned, went straight to buying what I wanted. I got married a few years ago, and even until then, everything we earned was used to buy gadgets, eat out, go on vacations, etc. And I suppose, even with young children, all our money could be still classified for us, more than anyone else.

But, it isn’t right.

I have been called to be a missionary. And I have been living as a missionary for the past 13 years. I married a missionary (my wife lived in Zimbabwe for a year), and I foresee myself doing this work for the long run. I want my kids to understand the simplicity of missionary life. And be content with whatever they have. Knowing that there are greater things than material things.

But to do that, I need to do it in my life first. I cannot live the lifestyle that my parents gave me. Because it doesn’t fit the life that I am called to live. A life of service. A life of mission. A life of simplicity, and being happy and content with what I need.

And it is time to fix things. It is never too late 🙂

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