>Sounds Greek to me


In my last blog I mentioned I had one more international trip before 2010 ended. Well, scratch that. Apparently the place I was supposed to go to feels that I am going to stay there illegally. Go figure! I guess you can never really be too sure of things in this world.

I am sad that I won’t be going. I felt a bit insulted that they would think that of me. But also, with this theme of Job and redemptive suffering, it makes it easier to accept. There are other things in store for those few weeks I was supposed to be there.

Oh Job, how you make your presence felt.

Some good news, Sabine can read letters! She was loading a game on the iPad, and when the word “Loading” came on, she started reading the letters! I was so shocked! I then tested another word on her: “Red”. And she read each letter as well! I am so proud of Bean 🙂

Aida has also started having a few words! These kids are growing up so fast!

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