>CFC FFL Body of Counselors Planning

>We just finished 4 days of planning for 2011. I have now graduated from the Freshman class of the BoC 🙂 Along with tita Mimi, Pat and Joseph.

I’ll save all the exciting stuff, the theme for 2011 and others for when the announcements come out… But suffice to say, it will be a wonderful year again in 2011!

The bonding with the “older” BoC members was fun! All their stories and jokes… 😉

In the end, the ideas, plans, proposals were all inspired. All for the betterment of our community and for Catholic within and outside the Philippines. I am blessed and privileged to be part of all this.

 Tita Mimi, Tito Lach, Joseph and Pat

 me, Tito Oland, Tito Oca, dad and tito Nonong

 kuya Bob there too
 and with tito Gary

On the way home, dad told me that when he founded CFC he was 34. And he said I am 35 now. And we both had 2 kids (though Ramon and I were older than Sabine and Aida at our ages). I am blessed to have a father who started a community such as CFC. I am blessed that he pushed us to join. And I am blessed to be as active and inspired to do more for the same community that he loves so much. And I feel that the love for CFC is growing in me everyday, just like all of us.

We are all blessed to be here. And we are all challenged to make sure that this blessing is also there for our children when they reach our age. We shouldn’t want it any other way.

Be strong! 🙂

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